Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

The cherry blossom trees that line Wooster Square Park are only in bloom for about a week or two. So it’s imperative that we quickly get a festival going during the best week. And that it doesn’t rain, which this year was very possible. It seems like the only days it didn’t rain were, luckily, the days I went to blossom fests!

In New Haven, I live a block from the park where the festival is held every year, so it was super easy for me to get there (I can’t stand trying to find parking anywhere!). They always bring in groups from the local area like the Italian American Society who run most of the festival and all sorts of local food!

Do you know what I love? When a simple and comforting food of everyone’s childhood gets amped up in tons of amazing and exciting ways. I think I literally felt my life change when I learned about frying peanut butter and banana sandwiches in bacon grease. Caseus in New Haven is a bit of a staple. They have a bistro and fromagerie in the city as well as a cheese truck that goes all around and is always seen at festivals. And they take everyone’s favorite grilled cheese and add tons of extra toppings from pulled pork to bacon and guacamole to make you feel fancy while you eat the crunchy, melty goodness. It’s a little expensive because they do use artisan cheese and other organic ingredients, but I do think it is worth the little amount of splurging. Plus you get pickles with it!

New Haven Cherry Blossom fest is definitely all about food. We don’t have that many actual trees around, so it’s easy to forget that that’s what you’re actually there to see. It’s more just a bunch of food trucks and carts from the city coming together to feed a crowd of people and maybe you’ll see some flower petals falling to the ground. It’s a generic party outside. Not that I’m complaining, but it was nothing like the festival we went to the week later.


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