Limerick Milk Market

I spent another day in Limerick after landing in Cork and taking a two hour taxi. While the taxi was big enough for all the crew, it was not the most comfortable to sleep in, so we expected to pass out correctly once we made it to the hotel. However, once we got out of the car into strong wind threatening to take our luggage away and waiting a little bit for my hotel room to be ready for me, I got my second wind.

This being a Saturday arrival, I knew there was the weekend market downtown, so I headed down towards the city center. I walked along the river and up Cruises Street (the main shopping street of Limerick, complete with high end shops and bargain brands). Here, there are buskers and streets stalls to grab hot dogs, ice cream, or crepes.

I was expecting the Milk Market to be a little area of the street with some stalls selling some food like fresh fruits and vegetables, maybe some bread and fresh milk, some clothes. I was picturing the little farmer’s markets that pop up in New Haven every week. This was completely different.

There were tons of stalls selling food and jewelry and soaps. Some had tables laid out in the middle and others were actual store fronts where you could buy sweets and clothing. I made sure to buy some fudge, hot chocolate, cheese, and donuts from some of the various corners of the market.

It smelled delicious from all of the corner stands selling street food like hot dogs and crepes and kebabs. Other places were selling beer and wine with a few areas to sit and relax while sipping and chatting. I feel like I get more excited to see alcohol being sold at outdoor markets like this than most others since it’s not allowed at home.

Make sure to just walk around and take in everything. Let the smells lead you around and you’ll find some amazing local deals. It also seems like there are different themes each day (I went on a food day apparently and another day said crafts so maybe that would be more clothing and arts oriented).

Limerick is one of those cities where you can do everything in a day or two so if you’re there for longer, this is somewhere to put on your list as a weekend outing.

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