Sushi X

Living in an apartment without a washing machine means laundry becomes an all-day ordeal. Gone are my days in college where I would do laundry when I knew I had a paper to write and it would force me to stay in my dorm room while my jeans rolled around in the basement.

If I really don’t have time, I do have the option to send it away, where the laundromat will pick up my clothes from my front porch and return them the next day, cleaned, pressed, and folded. However, when I do have time in the day, it’s not all terrible, because Richie and I can turn it into a recurring date.

Clockwise from top: X Roll, Firecracker Roll, Crunchy Eel Roll, Salmon and Tuna Sashimi, Yellowtail, Eel, and Spicy Crab Sushi

Sitting on West Haven beach is a strip mall that looks very unappealing. A dollar store, a Dunkin, a bank, it’s all unimpressive. But it is also home to Sushi X, a beautiful restaurant complete with small plates of all-you-can-eat appetizers, bottomless sushi, and unlimited hot sake. The outside of this restaurant does not do it justice.

It is beautifully set up inside with wooden chairs and tables, a few seats at the bar, and the sushi chefs rolling right in front of you.

As long as you can finish the plate, you can have as much sushi as your little heart desires. You pick a menu, kitchen or sushi, and write how much you want of each item. The kitchen will be small plates, enough for you to sample, and the sushi side can either be an entire roll or just one piece, which it will specify.

Pepper Shrimp, BBQ Squid, variety sushi rolls

The best roll on the menu is the X Roll. It is shrimp tempura and avocados wrapped in soy bean paper and deep fried. It always comes out hot and is one of the most satisfying bites I can put in my mouth. My other two loves include the crunchy eel roll which is filled with avocados and the firecracker roll with shrimp tempura topped with spicy crab.

Of course they also have your regular rolls such as eel, salmon skin (absolutely delicious, I always find myself craving it), yellowtail, and spicy tuna. Most of those can also be ordered as a single piece of sushi or sashimi.

For $9 you can get unlimited hot sake that I think tastes like vinegar got boiled, but Rich likes it so I could just be picky. He says it’s worth it if you can order multiple (he’s usually tipsy by around 3). They also offer other sakes and ramunĂ© sodas.

As much as I hate doing laundry or any other kind of chore, it is always nice to know that I have a date waiting for me when my uniform is dirty enough. For us, two plates with about four rolls leaves us completely satisfied and a little drunk on Rich’s side. Just make sure to eat your entire plate because they will charge a la carte if you don’t.

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