Marco Polo/St. Christopher’s Hostels

During my girls’ trip in June, I booked my hostels last minute since I also decided on going to Malta at the last minute and then ended up stuck in Edinburgh.

I decided to stay in St. Julian’s in Malta, which is on the northwest part of the island. It was said to have a good nightlife scene (confirmed) as well as some nice beaches (also confirmed). I would have liked to have seen some more arcitechture than just during my bus ride back to the airport, but I didn’t have the time or the funds to rent a motorcycle, which I’ve heard is the best way to see the island. I plan on doing that when I go back.

Once I decided on St.Julian’s, Marco Polo was the only option for my criteria (24 hour reception is always a must for me as well as linen/bedsheets included) but I was not at all disappointed by that. The hostel is right next to the bus stop to and from the airport as well as within walking distance from the marina, shops, beaches, and restaurants.

Marco Polo is set up very nicely. Reception is at the top floor just before going into the rooftop bar area, with the rooms situated on the lower floors. The rooms are spacious and beds are pretty comfortable. They all come with a couple outlets each, a reading light, and a large locker underneath the bunks. My room also had a balcony attached to look out over the garden across the street. Everything from the nautical themed painting to the light colored walls in the rooms made the place feel very friendly and welcoming.

The reception area also has a giant map of the country, complete with things of interest marked off. I believe they can schedule tours for you through themselves or a company.

The bar is also a lovely addition. They sell cheap drinks and run different specials every night. The first night it was two cocktails for €6, the next night it was two beers for €5. You can take your cheap drinks and sit on the comfy couches inside or outside and chat with your new bunk mates or play a round of pool before heading out to the clubs for the night.

This was a hostel that made you want to get involved. The girls in my dorm room were very social and immediately invited me to go out with them before I was even able to set my bags down. It definitely draws a lively crowd even though it is not billed as a party hostel. This could be because of the bar attached as well as the small size of Malta in general but I think if you’re trying to make friends and enjoy some nightlife you may not remember the next day, come here.

After I watched my flight home take off from Edinburgh without me, I had to pick a hostel that had a bed for me that night that wouldn’t break the bank. St. Christopher’s is a hostel right near Waverly Station, where you can catch a direct bus to and from the airport (takes about 30 minutes total). It is also close to the nature-lover’s paradise of Princes Street Gardens as well as many restaurants. 

Before I even checked in, one staff member asked if I wanted to join the pub crawl, so I assume they like when their guests get involved and have fun exploring. Either that or I just really looked like I could use a drink.

The atmosphere was incredibly chill and quiet but I was there during the week so maybe it picks up during the weekend. It is right above a bar that seemed to always be crowded for the football game. 

My only issue was that the bunks are three beds instead of the normal two so those who are in the middle bunks like I was should be aware of how little space there is between their foreheads and the above bars unless they want a nice cagey red mark on their heads. Not that I’m speaking from personal experience or anything. 

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