What’s in My Crew Bag?

I'm packing for a longer trip, 5 days, so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you what I bring with me on my trips. For the short layovers I use a small suitcase, but for this multi leg trip I'll be taking my larger suitcase. But either way, I have to … Continue reading What’s in My Crew Bag?

Gibney’s of Malahide

As per recommendations from locals, I decided after spending two trips in the city center I decided to check out the suburb of Malahide, just north of my hotel. Malahide sits on the shore of the Irish Sea with a straight walk towards Portmarnock and (further on) Howth. We were supposed to get off at … Continue reading Gibney’s of Malahide

Toppen av Fløibanen

After Limerick, Ireland I flew to New York for a day of recuperating before spending the last two days of my trip in Bergen, Norway. I thought about doing things both days that I was there so I would have a lot to talk about...but I passed out after getting into my hotel room in … Continue reading Toppen av Fløibanen

My First Flight (Limerick)

I worked my first flight as an actual crew member! Finally! Everything is a little different from when I was trained in Madrid so there is a bit of a learning curve still to get used to my own base and the workings of it. But since we're all going through the same newness I … Continue reading My First Flight (Limerick)