Scenes From a Cockpit 

Alps region over Switzerland (near Geneva) Paris at night Starting descent into Madrid  Some eye candy!

It’s Official!

Due to a technical issue with our plane yesterday, my final evaluation (called a line check) flight from Madrid to Stockholm and back was delayed by about three hours. I spent most of that time fidgeting and worrying about everything I could possibly mess up or forget. Of course I really didn't need to worry. … Continue reading It’s Official!

When Your Travel Plans Don’t Travel with You

I'm doing my last bit of training before I can actually call myself a Cabin Crew member: the line training. This is where we actually go on the planes we'll be working on and follow our future coworkers around while the line trainer berrates you with questions. For me and the rest of the crew … Continue reading When Your Travel Plans Don’t Travel with You

How Security Helped Me Become a Flight Attendant

I’ve recently mentioned that I traded in my security badge for flight attendant wings. And I also mentioned that my background in criminology from college and security work gave me a leg up in my training. Not to say that other jobs are less easy to transition from, including those who have more travel and … Continue reading How Security Helped Me Become a Flight Attendant

Shell & Bone

Shell & Bone sits on the waterside at Long Wharf in New Haven where you can watch boats come and go from the marina next door. On nice days you might be able to get lucky enough to sit on the porch right over the water and see out to the greater New Haven area … Continue reading Shell & Bone

Cherry Blossom Fest (Brooklyn)

Getting here was nothing less of a hassle. Sometimes, I really hate Google Maps. It likes to give me a different route every time I look at it so when I have no idea where I'm going (which is often) and it keeps changing its mind, I start to wonder if I'm being led on … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Fest (Brooklyn)

Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

The cherry blossom trees that line Wooster Square Park are only in bloom for about a week or two. So it's imperative that we quickly get a festival going during the best week. And that it doesn't rain, which this year was very possible. It seems like the only days it didn't rain were, luckily, … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

Partying in Tallinn

I wouldn't say the party scene in Tallinn is insane, but then again I don't really know party scenes like that. I like to drink and have a good time; I like to find cool little hole-in-the-wall bars and pubs to hang out at until close, but a club is much less my scene. I … Continue reading Partying in Tallinn


Water is always calm and soothing to me. It means relaxation but also excitement and unpredictability. Even if the sun doesn't shine on it or it doesn't sparkle in the moon, there is still a beauty to it I can't get enough of.

Hostel Diana Park/The Monk’s Bunk

When I went to France my senior year of college, the hotels in Paris and the homestay/apartment in Avignon were part of what I paid for when I gave money to my school. Therefore, I didn’t need to worry about accommodation when I left the country for the first time. It was nice not having … Continue reading Hostel Diana Park/The Monk’s Bunk