A Sauna Experience

What a strange and absolutely awesome experience! I can sit next to a random stranger near a bus stop in one degree weather in nothing but a small towel as the sun sets behind me and not worry that the cops are going to come after me for indecent exposure. Gosh Finland is cool! Since … Continue reading A Sauna Experience

Station 4

I didn't go to DC for the culture this time. Unless you count politics as a culture, which I can listen to a case for that. But either way, food is a necessity. My aunt wanted to go to Cantina Marina, a seafood place right on the waterfront. But they were closed for the season. … Continue reading Station 4

Why I March

When my aunt texted me asking if I wanted to go to DC for the Women's March on Saturday and I wasn't working, it was a no-brainer to say yes. I didn't think I'd be able to go otherwise because New Haven wasn't having a rally and I didn't have the money for gas to … Continue reading Why I March

The Spit Swab

Spit swabs, or buccal swabs if you want to sound more educated, are extremely useful. Police can use them to find out if you raped someone. They can be taken for paternity tests. We took them from each other in science class to study cells. Some boys in high school made jokes that a couple … Continue reading The Spit Swab

Snowy Thoughts

My landlady controls the heat for my apartment complex. It's great because I never pay more than $60 every month for both gas and electric. However, she is over ninety years old and starts turning on the heat in October and doesn't turn it off until around April. It's great knowing I don't have to … Continue reading Snowy Thoughts