No Castles in Cashel

No, Cashel is not the Irish mispronouncing the word castle. It is an old Gaelic word meaning fortress and that's exactly what the Rock of Cashel is: a large fortress on a hill in County Tipperary. It was formerly used as both a monestary as well as a bell tower, used to communicate to all the villagers … Continue reading No Castles in Cashel

One Person’s Trip from Hell Could Be Your Adventure

We've all read them before. Posts or YouTube videos or word of mouth story where someone talks about the trip from hell they had to endure because...things didn't go to plan. That's it. They didn't get kidnapped by the cartel or the mafia, they weren't robbed of all their possessions, they didn't survive a plane … Continue reading One Person’s Trip from Hell Could Be Your Adventure

What’s that Crunchy Stuff Under My Feet

We traded in a blizzard for white sands and turquoise waters as far as we could see. I saw coconuts in the wild for the first time, ate conch straight out of the water, and saw some of the most beautiful fish without glass between us. On a whim, I bought tickets to Providenciales for … Continue reading What’s that Crunchy Stuff Under My Feet

After All This Time…

It's been a while, huh? I wish I had a good explanation for not writing for more than 6 months but in all honesty, I've barely had anything that I felt was worth while to write about. Which in turn caused me some serious writer's block I still can't say I've completely shaken. I'm going … Continue reading After All This Time…

Mt. Ulriken

I always get distracted when I walk around. Even if it's somewhere I've been before, like Bergen in this case. It didn't help that the two crew members I was also with were equally as distracted by everything. We had a mission to get to Ulriken, one of the mountains surrounding Bergen, and it took … Continue reading Mt. Ulriken

Breaking the Bank in Iceland

WARNING: There are pictures of penises in this post! I repeat, if you don't want to see that, don't read to the end (I will give another warning before that part if you want to read until there). One more time, PENIS ALERT! I know I've mentioned a few times before how whenever I go … Continue reading Breaking the Bank in Iceland

A Weekend of Ships

I spent 3 days in Cork on a layover and decided to venture out to the surrounding areas. Cork is close to many port towns and I decided to start there. Cobh (pronounced 'cove') was the last port of call before the Titanic sank. During this time the city was called Queenstown and has always … Continue reading A Weekend of Ships

Wombats Hostel: Munich

Did you guy know I went to Germany during a layover? A lot of my coworkers then followed suit either to Munich like me or somewhere else. Even the ones who hated the long layovers in Dublin are looking forward to them. I feel like a trendsetter. Anyways I had 3 days open in Dublin … Continue reading Wombats Hostel: Munich

Blue Lagoon: Worth It?

In short: yes! Thanks for reading! Kidding. Though if that's all you needed, yes you should definitely go! It's pretty easy to access from the airport and the city center. Most people say that the Blue Lagoon is super touristy and it is but in my opinion, there's a reason things are very touristy and … Continue reading Blue Lagoon: Worth It?

M Montreal Hostel

It's been a while since I've been able to do a hostel review since I've been staying in hotels for work mostly. Hotels are nice, I stay in my own room in a 3 or 4 star joint with free breakfast, free late check out, and free transport to the airports. Sometimes they are far … Continue reading M Montreal Hostel