A Toast to New Beginnings

To say 2019 has been crazy and hectic would be the understatement of my lifetime. I was basically moving nonstop since around Thanksgiving when I went back to work after my foot healed. Time was flying to the point that my mom called me a few days before Christmas to say merry Christmas...and I had … Continue reading A Toast to New Beginnings

One Person’s Trip from Hell Could Be Your Adventure

We've all read them before. Posts or YouTube videos or word of mouth story where someone talks about the trip from hell they had to endure because...things didn't go to plan. That's it. They didn't get kidnapped by the cartel or the mafia, they weren't robbed of all their possessions, they didn't survive a plane … Continue reading One Person’s Trip from Hell Could Be Your Adventure

Wombats Hostel: Munich

Did you guy know I went to Germany during a layover? A lot of my coworkers then followed suit either to Munich like me or somewhere else. Even the ones who hated the long layovers in Dublin are looking forward to them. I feel like a trendsetter. Anyways I had 3 days open in Dublin … Continue reading Wombats Hostel: Munich

When the Job Isn’t Glamorous

Flight attendants, cabin crew, air hostesses, stewardesses, trolley dollies, galley hags…whatever you call us, we tend to be seen as these glamorous group of people who live the most amazing life. And trust me, most of the time, that’s true. I have to say, I have the best job in the world; I get to … Continue reading When the Job Isn’t Glamorous

What’s in My Crew Bag?

I'm packing for a longer trip, 5 days, so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you what I bring with me on my trips. For the short layovers I use a small suitcase, but for this multi leg trip I'll be taking my larger suitcase. But either way, I have to … Continue reading What’s in My Crew Bag?

Toppen av Fløibanen

After Limerick, Ireland I flew to New York for a day of recuperating before spending the last two days of my trip in Bergen, Norway. I thought about doing things both days that I was there so I would have a lot to talk about...but I passed out after getting into my hotel room in … Continue reading Toppen av Fløibanen

My First Flight (Limerick)

I worked my first flight as an actual crew member! Finally! Everything is a little different from when I was trained in Madrid so there is a bit of a learning curve still to get used to my own base and the workings of it. But since we're all going through the same newness I … Continue reading My First Flight (Limerick)

Scenes From a Cockpit 

Alps region over Switzerland (near Geneva) Paris at night Starting descent into Madrid  Some eye candy!