Water is always calm and soothing to me. It means relaxation but also excitement and unpredictability. Even if the sun doesn't shine on it or it doesn't sparkle in the moon, there is still a beauty to it I can't get enough of.

Hostel Diana Park/The Monk’s Bunk

When I went to France my senior year of college, the hotels in Paris and the homestay/apartment in Avignon were part of what I paid for when I gave money to my school. Therefore, I didn’t need to worry about accommodation when I left the country for the first time. It was nice not having … Continue reading Hostel Diana Park/The Monk’s Bunk

A Sauna Experience

What a strange and absolutely awesome experience! I can sit next to a random stranger near a bus stop in one degree weather in nothing but a small towel as the sun sets behind me and not worry that the cops are going to come after me for indecent exposure. Gosh Finland is cool! Since … Continue reading A Sauna Experience