A Weekend of Ships

I spent 3 days in Cork on a layover and decided to venture out to the surrounding areas. Cork is close to many port towns and I decided to start there. Cobh (pronounced 'cove') was the last port of call before the Titanic sank. During this time the city was called Queenstown and has always … Continue reading A Weekend of Ships

Gift of Gab

My first trip to Cork saw all four of us cabin crew heading to Blarney Castle for the day. We landed in Shannon in the morning after an overnight flight and immediately taxied to Cork (about two hours). We planned to leave right for the bus stop to get there bright and early; however, we … Continue reading Gift of Gab

The Spit Swab

Spit swabs, or buccal swabs if you want to sound more educated, are extremely useful. Police can use them to find out if you raped someone. They can be taken for paternity tests. We took them from each other in science class to study cells. Some boys in high school made jokes that a couple … Continue reading The Spit Swab