Ring Around the Isle

After flying to Ireland for about a year and some change, I have finally done a road trip around the Ring of Kerry! It was always high on my bucket list for things to do in Ireland and I finally had a good crew to do the trip with. Now if you take a tour … Continue reading Ring Around the Isle

No Castles in Cashel

No, Cashel is not the Irish mispronouncing the word castle. It is an old Gaelic word meaning fortress and that's exactly what the Rock of Cashel is: a large fortress on a hill in County Tipperary. It was formerly used as both a monestary as well as a bell tower, used to communicate to all the villagers … Continue reading No Castles in Cashel

A Weekend of Ships

I spent 3 days in Cork on a layover and decided to venture out to the surrounding areas. Cork is close to many port towns and I decided to start there. Cobh (pronounced 'cove') was the last port of call before the Titanic sank. During this time the city was called Queenstown and has always … Continue reading A Weekend of Ships

Limerick Milk Market

I spent another day in Limerick after landing in Cork and taking a two hour taxi. While the taxi was big enough for all the crew, it was not the most comfortable to sleep in, so we expected to pass out correctly once we made it to the hotel. However, once we got out of … Continue reading Limerick Milk Market

Gift of Gab

My first trip to Cork saw all four of us cabin crew heading to Blarney Castle for the day. We landed in Shannon in the morning after an overnight flight and immediately taxied to Cork (about two hours). We planned to leave right for the bus stop to get there bright and early; however, we … Continue reading Gift of Gab

Gibney’s of Malahide

As per recommendations from locals, I decided after spending two trips in the city center I decided to check out the suburb of Malahide, just north of my hotel. Malahide sits on the shore of the Irish Sea with a straight walk towards Portmarnock and (further on) Howth. We were supposed to get off at … Continue reading Gibney’s of Malahide

My First Flight (Limerick)

I worked my first flight as an actual crew member! Finally! Everything is a little different from when I was trained in Madrid so there is a bit of a learning curve still to get used to my own base and the workings of it. But since we're all going through the same newness I … Continue reading My First Flight (Limerick)