Sushi X

Living in an apartment without a washing machine means laundry becomes an all-day ordeal. Gone are my days in college where I would do laundry when I knew I had a paper to write and it would force me to stay in my dorm room while my jeans rolled around in the basement. If I … Continue reading Sushi X

Shell & Bone

Shell & Bone sits on the waterside at Long Wharf in New Haven where you can watch boats come and go from the marina next door. On nice days you might be able to get lucky enough to sit on the porch right over the water and see out to the greater New Haven area … Continue reading Shell & Bone

Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

The cherry blossom trees that line Wooster Square Park are only in bloom for about a week or two. So it's imperative that we quickly get a festival going during the best week. And that it doesn't rain, which this year was very possible. It seems like the only days it didn't rain were, luckily, … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)