Marco Polo/St. Christopher’s Hostels

During my girls' trip in June, I booked my hostels last minute since I also decided on going to Malta at the last minute and then ended up stuck in Edinburgh. I decided to stay in St. Julian's in Malta, which is on the northwest part of the island. It was said to have a … Continue reading Marco Polo/St. Christopher’s Hostels

A Tough Debate (Glasgow vs. Edinburgh)

After staying in Edinburgh a few times now, and knowing I will be returning a week from now, I decided to venture out of the city on my last layover and check out Glasgow, which is an hour train ride west. To me, there seems to be a rivalry between the two cities similar to … Continue reading A Tough Debate (Glasgow vs. Edinburgh)

A Stroll Through the Kirkyard

The only thing I knew I wanted to do on my first trip to Edinburgh was to see the sites that inspired or influenced Harry Potter. I didn't know of any tours that I could join on my limited time frame nor was I totally interested in following others around as they tried to tell … Continue reading A Stroll Through the Kirkyard