A Day Off on the Block

Richie and I finally had a day off together where the weather wasn’t terrible and we wanted to take full advantage of it. We’d been talking about going to Block Island together since we started dating (close to four years ago!) and finally we were able to go! There are about five ferries leaving New … Continue reading A Day Off on the Block

Gift of Gab

My first trip to Cork saw all four of us cabin crew heading to Blarney Castle for the day. We landed in Shannon in the morning after an overnight flight and immediately taxied to Cork (about two hours). We planned to leave right for the bus stop to get there bright and early; however, we … Continue reading Gift of Gab

Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

The cherry blossom trees that line Wooster Square Park are only in bloom for about a week or two. So it's imperative that we quickly get a festival going during the best week. And that it doesn't rain, which this year was very possible. It seems like the only days it didn't rain were, luckily, … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Fest (New Haven)

A Sauna Experience

What a strange and absolutely awesome experience! I can sit next to a random stranger near a bus stop in one degree weather in nothing but a small towel as the sun sets behind me and not worry that the cops are going to come after me for indecent exposure. Gosh Finland is cool! Since … Continue reading A Sauna Experience