A Year in Pictures: 2017

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 was a roller coaster of a year for me and I am so hoping to continue with the good fortune of travels I had this year into 2018. This year I visited nine new countries, most of which were thanks to my job as Cabin Crew and the reason I … Continue reading A Year in Pictures: 2017

As the Leaves Change

Finally took my boyfriend out of the US. A six-hour drive from home and we had a weekend in Montreal, eating our weight in Poutine and getting our asses kicked in pool repeatedly by our new friend, Mitch. We stayed at M Montreal Hostel in Gay Village, not far from the port, and I think … Continue reading As the Leaves Change

Gift of Gab

My first trip to Cork saw all four of us cabin crew heading to Blarney Castle for the day. We landed in Shannon in the morning after an overnight flight and immediately taxied to Cork (about two hours). We planned to leave right for the bus stop to get there bright and early; however, we … Continue reading Gift of Gab

A Stroll Through the Kirkyard

The only thing I knew I wanted to do on my first trip to Edinburgh was to see the sites that inspired or influenced Harry Potter. I didn't know of any tours that I could join on my limited time frame nor was I totally interested in following others around as they tried to tell … Continue reading A Stroll Through the Kirkyard

Gibney’s of Malahide

As per recommendations from locals, I decided after spending two trips in the city center I decided to check out the suburb of Malahide, just north of my hotel. Malahide sits on the shore of the Irish Sea with a straight walk towards Portmarnock and (further on) Howth. We were supposed to get off at … Continue reading Gibney’s of Malahide

Toppen av Fløibanen

After Limerick, Ireland I flew to New York for a day of recuperating before spending the last two days of my trip in Bergen, Norway. I thought about doing things both days that I was there so I would have a lot to talk about...but I passed out after getting into my hotel room in … Continue reading Toppen av Fløibanen

My First Flight (Limerick)

I worked my first flight as an actual crew member! Finally! Everything is a little different from when I was trained in Madrid so there is a bit of a learning curve still to get used to my own base and the workings of it. But since we're all going through the same newness I … Continue reading My First Flight (Limerick)

It’s Official!

Due to a technical issue with our plane yesterday, my final evaluation (called a line check) flight from Madrid to Stockholm and back was delayed by about three hours. I spent most of that time fidgeting and worrying about everything I could possibly mess up or forget. Of course I really didn't need to worry. … Continue reading It’s Official!

When Your Travel Plans Don’t Travel with You

I'm doing my last bit of training before I can actually call myself a Cabin Crew member: the line training. This is where we actually go on the planes we'll be working on and follow our future coworkers around while the line trainer berrates you with questions. For me and the rest of the crew … Continue reading When Your Travel Plans Don’t Travel with You

Cherry Blossom Fest (Brooklyn)

Getting here was nothing less of a hassle. Sometimes, I really hate Google Maps. It likes to give me a different route every time I look at it so when I have no idea where I'm going (which is often) and it keeps changing its mind, I start to wonder if I'm being led on … Continue reading Cherry Blossom Fest (Brooklyn)