Ring Around the Isle

After flying to Ireland for about a year and some change, I have finally done a road trip around the Ring of Kerry! It was always high on my bucket list for things to do in Ireland and I finally had a good crew to do the trip with.

Now if you take a tour you will start around nine in the morning. One of my coworkers had a Skype interview the day we planned to go so we didn’t get our start until the early afternoon. But this did mean that we were well enough behind the tour busses that we would never get stuck behind them on the road.

First we stopped in a little village somewhere between Cork and Kenmare that I cannot point out on a map. But there was a restaurant and an ice cream parlor with a thatched roof so it was as all super cute. 
We got to the actual ring itself late in the day which meant that we missed a little less than half of it after nightfall, but if we had left earlier we would have never seen Skellig Michael at sunset. 

My brother and other Star Wars fans will enjoy this part of the Ring

Next time we’ll go the other direction and make sure to see what we missed.

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